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God call children ministry to David.

One day I was walking in the dust and dirty street, I heard weeping voices of some children and my heart was so touched that I went to them. These children were living in a very old muddy and dirty house in a rented room. I came to know that their father died while he was working in Malaysia. That made me thinks over and over again. After went back home that night around 3:00 am in the morning I heard the voice from God, David! Take care

God call children ministry of those children. It was same voice three times. Being a young man it was quite challenge even for my study and basic needs. In spite of those challenges, I couldn’t deny the voice of God. I obeyed God’s voice, going back to those destitute children and took them into my home. In this way I started the children home.

Our project’s name is Himalayan Foundation Nepal. Under it, we have a living home for orphans, victim and neglected children. We have nine boys and seven girls in our home.

We started this project obeying God’s calling, so that they would not be neglected or orphaned any more, rather would have hope and future in Christ. During the time of war and conflict between Maoist and Government, so many parents died and their children became orphans. In that moment we could not close our eyes. In spite of all difficulties, God inspired me to take care of them.
I have been a pastor since 2005, during that time God called me to take care orphanage children. As I already started a children home for orphanage, victims and destitute children from February 2007 and we have a separate home for boys and girls.

We started the children home according to God call children ministry  to raise the generations in a Godly way so that they would be trained for His kingdom. I had Benjamin Generation Model Training where I got opportunity to learn how to raise children in a Godly way.

However, it is not easy to run the children home. Our biggest challenges for this project are finances, caretaker, cupboard, photo copy machine, daily basic need for children. This is why, we would like to request all of you to pray and stand with us.
Your in Christ

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